"Raving Fans"

December 19, 2013 @ 10:42 AM -- by Dr. Weston

Anyone who knows my history of serious anxiety when it comes to dental appointments would find this virtually impossible to believe. (My brothers, cousins, and I all went to a dentist who didn't believe in using any type of anesthetic and as soon as we indicated any discomfort he finished up, leaving decay which later resulted in serious dental issues for all of us.)

A few years ago I did a very thorough search and evaluation of dentists in southern California and chose Scripps Center for Dental Care, despite the five-hour round trip drive from the desert. Dr. Weston and his colleagues have been so unbelievably terrific that over 60 years of traumatic visits to the dentist are pretty much history at this point. But it's still almost unbelievable that I actually fell asleep while Dr. Weston was performing a procedure to repair a chipped tooth. As he said to when I awoke, "That was the greatest compliment"


Cliff Orent

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