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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Do you struggle with pain and/or difficulty chewing due to missing teeth, swollen gums, or extensive decay? We understand that, for any number of reasons, patients may have had trouble keeping up with their oral care throughout the years and now must contend with issues affecting the function and appearance of their smile. Full mouth rehabilitation is a comprehensive treatment plan that focuses on restoring a healthy mouth along with complete function of your teeth and bite. The multispecialty dental team at Scripps Center for Dental Care includes an array of dental specialists who will work together to rehabilitate your oral health while rebuilding a brand new smile. With close collaboration among our cosmetic dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, and oral surgeons, our team can address your concerns and provide you with the compassionate care you deserve.

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation is a series of treatments designed to address more restorative dental needs, such as decay, cracked or missing teeth, and oral injuries. Patients who may benefit from full mouth rehabilitation include individuals who cannot chew properly, who experience oral pain, or those who have multiple dental concerns they would like to correct at once. We devise your full mouth rehabilitation plan according to a thorough evaluation of your mouth and oral health, allowing us to provide truly personalized care. 

What Can Be Accomplished with Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

The goal of full mouth rehabilitation is to recover the health and appearance of your teeth for a beautiful smile transformation, ideally increasing your confidence and improving your quality of life. Using a variety of restorative dentistry techniques, full mouth rehabilitation can treat:

  • Individual or multiple missing teeth
  • Lost teeth in an entire dental arch
  • Chips, cracks, and fissures in the enamel
  • Widespread decay
  • Gum disease and gum recession 
  • Tooth and gum infections
  • Malocclusion or a misaligned bite
  • Pain and/or difficulty chewing

A transparent consultation with our dentist can give you insight into whether this all-encompassing treatment plan is the best approach to address your concerns. For some issues that may be more cosmetic in nature, a smile makeover may be a more beneficial treatment to achieve your goals. 

What are My Options For Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Our team will work with you to determine the most ideal treatments to include in your full mouth rehabilitation. Services that are commonly incorporated include:

We will always consider your needs and goals for the outcome when tailoring your treatment plan. If you struggle with dental anxiety or a phobia has previously affected your ability to visit the dentist, we can utilize an appropriate sedation dentistry technique to provide you with the care you need while helping you enjoy a more comfortable experience.

What is the Full Mouth Rehabilitation Process Like?

Before treatment, you will meet with our dentist to discuss your concerns, needs, and goals for outcome. Digital impressions and intraoral imaging may be taken to better understand the positioning of your teeth and gums as well as the location of your oral structures. You will even be able to see a preview of your potential results with our digital smile design technology, which allows our team to see the expected outcome and refine your treatment plan as necessary.

Depending on which treatments are included in your full mouth rehabilitation, the entire process may take place during one appointment or in multiple stages. Each patient’s dental plan will differ based on their unique needs, and your dentist will explain what you can expect with your personal treatment timeline. Services like treatment for periodontal disease and gum recession can often be completed in one appointment, while replacing missing teeth and orthodontics may take months to achieve the desired result. Our various dental professionals will work together to determine the best possible approach for your concerns, and you can feel confident that you are receiving experienced and specialized care.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation vs. Smile Makeover

Full mouth rehabilitation and a smile makeover are both options for patients who would like to completely revitalize their smile by correcting multiple dental issues at the same time. However, a smile makeover is generally designed to improve aesthetic concerns, such as yellow teeth and minor chips in the enamel. On the other hand, full mouth rehabilitation is a treatment plan that aims to address more extensive problems, including loss of proper biting function, missing teeth, infections, and tooth damage. Some treatments—like orthodontics and porcelain crowns—may overlap between the two, but full mouth rehabilitation and smile makeovers generally differ in the severity of concerns they seek to address.

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How Much Does Full Mouth Rehabilitation Cost?

The cost of full mouth rehabilitation is assessed based on which services are included in your treatment plan, the extent of your concerns, and your overall dental goals. Our patient care coordinator will be able to provide a complete breakdown of the anticipated costs during your consultation so you are well-informed of potential expenses. We firmly believe that you should not have to sacrifice necessary dental work due to the price of treatment, which is why Scripps Center for Dental Care also accepts dental financing plans from leading healthcare lending companies like CareCredit® and Lending Club®. With the low- to no-interest arrangements offered by these trusted institutions, qualified patients can pursue treatment right away while accommodating any budgetary concerns. Please don’t hesitate to contact our practice for more information about the cost of full mouth rehabilitation, or to speak with a friendly member of our office team.

Full mouth rehabilitation from our highly experienced dental team can give you the smile you never thought possible. Contact Scripps Center for Dental Care today to schedule your initial consultation and learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

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