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"I was referred by someone in the business that said Scripps Center for Dental Care was the best place to go. I got what I was told I would get. I love my new smile, it's just brighter!"

- Maureen

"Just looking at my front teeth you can see that Dr. Weston, is definitely skilled, but on top of that, the office staff here is very friendly and that means a lot to me."

- Ann

"I couldn’t be happier. I get compliments from strangers. I get compliments from my friends and family and co-workers and am very pleased. The upkeep that I get here at the office, off the charts. I love it and I can’t see going anywhere else."

- Michael

"I came to the Scripps Dental Center here originally because I liked the fact that you could see all sorts of Specialists in one place and not have to go from office-to-office. Dr. Weston did a little bit of veneer work and, I’m delighted, you know, really, really happy with the way it came out."

- Darlene

"One of the advantages of coming to the Scripps Center for Dental Care is that they have all the different specialties covered. I think the bottom line, the best part of it is now my girlfriend says, oh you have a beautiful smile and that’s what I really like."

- Steve

"I finally decided to have Dr. Weston do some reconstruction on my teeth because I’ve always been kind of unhappy with that. The restorations went beautiful and now I’m just beginning to have a nice, open smile again and people are actually noticing that. I see them looking at my face like they don’t know what it is, but that I look good."

- Warren

I’ve had some veneers done and some gum re contouring and I’ve loved the results. Everything you could want in a dental practice is here, whether it’s Oral Surgeons, Orthodontics, Cosmetics, Dental Hygienists, everything. You don’t have to go to other practices if you ever need anything else done. It’s like family, you know, I come in every few months for a checkup and for a cleaning and it’s like seeing old friends."

- Katerina

"I decided I wanted to do something about an insecurity I’ve had my whole life, which was my smile. I found this practice on the Web and came in and immediately felt comfortable and had everything explained to me by the Orthodontist as far as straightening my teeth and then Dr. Weston in terms of cosmetic issues that needed to be addressed. I immediately felt like, okay, I’m in good hands."

- Beth

"I had a Hygienist that was just absolutely amazing and then I was able to see Dr. Weston and it was just wonderful. He’s not just interested in doing the work and getting it all done, he really is interested in the patient and then making it a whole experience. So he gets the time to know you and then takes your smile to exactly who you are."

- Leanne

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