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Financing Options

At Scripps Center for Dental Care, we believe that no patient should forgo the dental treatments necessary to achieve the oral health and results they desire as a result of financial concerns. In order to consistently provide the very highest quality of dental service, we accept payment in form of cash, check, cashier check, credit and debit. For your convenience, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Patients with Delta Dental PPO and/or Premiere, we will accept payment of co-pay and deductibles when directed by your dental insurance company on the day of service and bill your dental insurance on your behalf.

While Scripps Center for Dental Care is not affiliated nor a provider for Medicare or any HMO, we will bill all other PPO Dental Insurance on your behalf upon payment in full on day of service and assign any reimbursement from your dental insurance company directly to you.

In addition to these options, our office also works with a selection of reputable lending agencies. If you would prefer to pay for your treatment over a series of installments, these institutions offer qualified candidates low- and no-interest options with appealing terms:

CareCredit_NoTag_CMYKCareCredit®: With a quick online application process and a wide range of options to suit patient needs, CareCredit® is one of the most popular healthcare lending and credit card programs available. Options include long-term, interest-free, and fee-free plans. If you’re interested, a member of our team can help answer any questions you have or assist you with the application process.

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LendingClub_logoLending Club: Extended and no-interest plans are just a few of the benefits of choosing the Lending Club for your dental financing needs. The programs include a broad array of options specifically for the dental and healthcare fields, and qualified candidates can borrow up to $32,000 as needed for their treatment. Additionally, there are no pre-payment penalties if you decide to pay off your loan ahead of schedule.

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Our team is happy to assist you with all your financial needs. To avoid confusion, we ask that you choose one of these options and make definite arrangements before your dental treatment begins. Contact Scripps Center for Dental Care and speak with our financial coordinators for more information about our financing options.