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Below is a letter from one of our many happy patients. Our goal is to provide great customer service and a letter like this makes us all feel good!

Dear Scripps Team,

I have tried to write this letter at least twice before, and this time I’m determined to find the right words to express myself prior to leaving for your office in a few hours. Very seldom am I at a loss for words, but my prior attempts were so full of hyperbole that I sounded like the babbling teenager.

I went into my September appointment with a fair amount of apprehension, having thoroughly researched what I might expect in terms of recover after having three extractions, three bone grafts, the replacement of two fillings in my front teeth and deep planing, all in one session. Never did I expect that I would have no pain and virtually no discomfort whatsoever-at any time! There was no swelling or bruising—in fact no adverse effects at all other then the expected period of recovery from the anesthesia. And just a few weeks later I was able to eat and chew better then I can remember in many years, and that was with three teeth missing. Moreover, with the three infected teeth out, I can now bite down on either side without fear of pain. I frankly didn’t realize just how long I had been living like that, always trying to favor one side or the other.

My sincere thanks to everyone at Scripps Center for Dental Care who provided the best experience I’ve had in a dental practice in my 61 years.

I’ve given a full report to my brother, Tom, and I have no doubt that when he’s asked for a referral to a dental practice in Southern California, he will enthusiastically put Scripps Center for Dental Care at the top of his list. Naturally, I will do the same. Of course he’s taking some of the credit for my finding you. But I believe I told you that I did a very thorough search of dental practices here in the desert, in Los Angeles, in Orange County and in the San Diego are before contacting Tom to let him know of the world-class team you’ve assemble in La Jolla. But he was already well aware of this and delighted that you were my first and only choice.

On a somewhat humorous note, I had to laugh when I played the phone message from Dr. Weston and Dr. Phillips, in which you closed by saying that I was a very good patient. It would be somewhat difficult to be anything else, given that I was pretty much out for the duration!

Again, my gratitude to your entire team for your outstanding work.


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