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At Scripps Center for Dental Care, located in the La Jolla, San Diego area, we can take care of your every dental need at this one location. In this clip, Dr. John F. Weston, owner and director of Scripps Center for Dental Care, gives you more information about his dental practice.

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Hi, my name is Dr. John Weston. I’m Director and Owner of Scripps Center for Dental Care. We have a very unique facility here and we’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to provide care with all the Specialists in one location. We basically can take a patient, no matter what their needs are, and provide the ultimate level of dental care in the varying specialties and do it in a quick, efficient way that saves the patient money and provides a very high level of quality care. One of the things that we wanted to incorporate in a dental practice was education for the Dentist, education for the patients, taking care of the underserved as well as anybody that came to us. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is an important part of Scripps Center for Dental Care. They offer the largest hands-on and clinical Continuing Education Program in Cosmetic Dentistry available in the world. The other aspect of the ACD is the foundation. It’s called Give Back a Smile and we restore the lives and smiles of survivors of domestic violence. One of the things that this team has that a lot of other offices don’t have is their experience in the field. They’re highly educated, highly motivated. They are excited about doing dentistry, about offering high-quality patient care from the Hygiene Department to the back office with our assistants. They all do an excellent job of taking good care of the patients. I know that I can trust them and count on them for the things that we’re looking to offer the patients when they come to Scripps. We pride ourselves in having treated Presidents, Dignitaries, Politicians, Actresses, Actors. The richest women in the world have come to us and probably our most famous patient was Mother Teresa.