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La Jolla Dentists Highlight Benefits of Smile Makeover as a Solution for Damaged Teeth

Scripps Center for Dental Care Outline How Smile Makeover Can Treat Damaged TeethScripps Center for Dental Care, an all-encompassing La Jolla-based practice, outlines how a Smile Makeover can restore form and function to damaged teeth.

San Diego, CA — There are many factors that can contribute to tooth damage over time, such as a lack of dental hygiene, bruxism (grinding), teeth clenching, traumatic injuries, and the natural aging process. Inconsistent dental care or an inability to regularly see a dentist are also common reasons for a variety of functional issues, including tooth pain, weakness, sensitivity, difficulty eating food, and cosmetic imperfections in one’s smile. While these concerns can be debilitating — both from a functional and an aesthetic perspective — the La Jolla dentists at Scripps Center for Dental Care offer a comprehensive treatment designed to address multiple issues in one dental plan. Known as a Smile Makeover, the customized treatment plan can restore a fully functioning bite in conjunction with helping patients achieve their dream smile.

Depending on the types of concerns you wish to address, a Smile Makeover often incorporates treatments such as porcelain veneers, dental crowns, implants, Invisalign® orthodontics, and teeth whitening, among other options to transform your smile. Each patient receives a personalized dental plan tailored to their unique needs; therefore, no two Smile Makeovers are the same. Since treatments are combined whenever possible, patients can address their concerns in a more convenient, timely, and harmonious treatment process when compared to pursuing each procedure separately.

On top of allowing patients to achieve their goals faster than addressing each individual concern “piece by piece,” a Smile Makeover can also repair structural damage causing pain, discomfort, difficulty chewing, malocclusion (poor bite), and/or gum disease. With the specialty dental care offered by Scripps’ team, patients have a “one-stop shop” to correct missing teeth, decay, weakened enamel, tooth infections, and other functional problems. This allows the benefits of a Smile Makeover to potentially extend far beyond the cosmetic realm, often working to enhance a patient’s life, confidence, and overall well-being.

The dentists at the San Diego-based practice take pride in offering a seamless continuum of care whether patients are seeking routine dental check-ups or a full mouth rehabilitation. By practicing collaborative treatment planning and minimizing the need for outside referrals, Scripps Center for Dental Care can formulate personalized Smile Makeover plans tailored for each and every patient.

About Scripps Center for Dental Care
Scripps Center for Dental Care is a La Jolla dental practice offering patients the latest care in cosmetic, restorative, and family dentistry. With a team of in-house specialists from every dental field — including orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, and oral surgery — the fully equipped facility allows San Diego patients to complete the entire treatment process completely in-house. At Scripps Center for Dental Care, patients have access to sedation dentistry options, digital dental imaging, and advanced dental lasers, among other cutting-edge technologies to more conveniently and comfortably undergo treatment. The practice is one of the only offices in Southern California whose dental team includes two AACD-accredited dentists, as well as a Fellow of the AACD. Dr. John Weston and Dr. Nicholas Marongiu are available for interview upon request.

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