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Is Wearing Implant Dentures Painful?

While anchoring your custom-made dentures to the jawbone with dental implants requires oral surgery, patients usually do not report pain from their implant-supported dentures after their procedure. Feelings of tenderness, sensitivity, and aching during the surgical recovery period are to be expected, but implant dentures should look and feel just like your natural teeth once your gums have fully healed. There may be a temporary acclimation period as you get used to wearing your implant dentures, but they should feel completely natural once you get used to the feeling of your implants. Whereas removable dentures — which are attached to the gums using adhesive technology — are often described as uncomfortable and commonly criticized for having a poor fit, implant-supported dentures should remain stable in the mouth. 

For individuals looking for greater stabilization with their restoration, implant dentures can be an excellent option to restore an entire row of missing teeth in the upper and/or lower dental arches. This treatment allows patients to speak and eat with greater confidence, eliminating the possibility of the gum slippage and irritation often experienced while wearing removable dentures. Other benefits possible with implant dentures include: 

  • Ability to enjoy an unrestricted diet
  • Can clean and brush your restorations in a similar manner as your natural teeth
  • Stimulation of underlying jawbone, minimizing future bone loss

Our multispecialty dental team prides itself on providing San Diego patients with gentle, effective care whether they’re getting a routine check-up or need to restore a full mouth of missing teeth. Contact Scripps Center for Dental Care today to book a consultation or to learn more about implant-supported dentures. 


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