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How Can My Smile Make Me Look Younger?

A bright, beautiful smile can be a key feature to communicate youthfulness, vitality, and approachability. On the other hand, deficiencies in your teeth and other dental flaws can unintentionally age your appearance and, therefore, inhibit confidence. A smile makeover can be a dynamic way to address several dental concerns at once, allowing patients to recapture a radiant smile and potentially rejuvenate their face by years. Depending on your individual needs, a personalized smile makeover can make you look younger by:

Restoring the Proportions of a Full, Healthy Tooth

Over time, the teeth can begin to look short and worn due to the cumulative effects of aging, teeth clenching, grinding, and normal wear and tear. To correct these concerns, porcelain veneers can be incorporated into a smile makeover to restore a youthful, healthy tooth structure. These porcelain shells, which closely mimic the appearance of natural enamel, are bonded directly over the front of the teeth to mask aesthetic imperfections that may be prematurely aging your smile. 

Erasing Years of Deep Discoloration and Tooth Staining

While a longtime buildup of discoloration from wine, coffee, and other staining agents can certainly cause your teeth to look worn and aged, teeth bleaching can be a simple treatment to undo years of damage. Professional teeth whitening can reach the deep stains in the inner part of the enamel that over-the-counter products cannot, giving patients the opportunity to dramatically lighten their smile in as short as one office visit.

Improving the Symmetry of the Teeth and Gums

Crooked teeth and/or a “gummy smile” can both detract from your facial appearance and make you look older than you may feel. Fortunately, your smile can be recontoured and renewed with Invisalign® and laser gum reshaping respectively. These treatment options can balance the proportions between your teeth and gums, increase your “tooth show,” and generally provide you with a more aesthetically harmonious smile.

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