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Is Vaping Bad for My Teeth?

Girl VapingWhile inhaling vaporized nicotine or tobacco has popularly been touted as a safer alternative to smoking, the truth is that “vaping” can present the same consequences for a patient’s oral health as cigarettes—if not worse. Vaping is defined as the inhalation of vaporized nicotine products from a battery-operated electronic device, such as an e-cigarette. The vapor, which exists in the form of a nicotine solution packed into a cartridge, is commonly combined with flavors such as mint, cotton candy, and pineapple. Unfortunately, this has led to many health concerns for younger adolescents and teenagers, who are increasingly forming an addiction to vaping due to the enhanced taste of flavored nicotine.  

In its official statement on vaping, American Dental Association President Chad Gehani, DDS confirmed, “When it comes to your teeth and gums, vaping can be just as dangerous as cigarette smoking.” Inhaled vapor can still cause fast deterioration of the teeth and gums — the risk of advanced gum disease can even be higher due to the physio-chemical properties of flavored cartridges. One study found that these chemical properties were similar to those found in sugary and gelatinous candy, which are known to coat the enamel and soft tissues of the mouth with bacteria buildup, decay, and plaque. 

If previous smoking or vaping has already caused damage to the oral structures, the teeth and gums can fortunately be repaired with conservative solutions, such as professional cleanings, periodontal treatment, and gum recession treatment with the Pinhole® Surgical Technique. Given that tobacco consumption is one of the strongest risk factors for oral cancer, our team at Scripps can also incorporate an oral pathology and oral cancer screening into your visit to help monitor any potentially dangerous growths. 

Vaping and smoking can pose a myriad of risks for one’s oral and general health. Fortunately, preventive treatments at Scripps Center for Dental Care can effectively treat damage caused by inhaled tobacco and help restore a clean, healthy mouth. Contact our compassionate team of dentists today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with our periodontist

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