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The Dangers of Dry Mouth

girl-covering-mouthWhen people think of dry mouth, they usually think of speech impediments and difficulty eating. These are both annoying, but dry mouth involves much more than that. There are plenty of dental health and general wellness issues that are associated with dry mouth, and these cannot be taken lightly. When you meet with your San Diego cosmetic dentist, you can discuss these dangers of dry mouth in greater detail. Right now we’d like to look at them in brief so you have a better understanding of why persistent dry mouth should be taken seriously.

Common Causes of Dry Mouth

Some of the most common causes of dry mouth include:

Anxiousness or nervousness
Blockage of the salivary glands
Side effects from certain medications
Symptoms of certain medical conditions
The natural aging process
Should you notice persistent dry mouth, it’s a good idea to speak with your general practitioner or meet with our dentists in La Jolla so that we can identify the exact cause of the problem.

Dangers of Dry Mouth – Gum Disease

When your mouth is dry, it creates ideal conditions for the bacteria in the mouth to thrive. This means that it can potentially increase the chances of you experiencing gum disease. This bacterial infection of the gums can lead to many major dental problems down the road if left untreated.

Dangers of Dry Mouth – Tooth Decay/Dental Erosion

While we’re on the topic of serious restorative dentistry matters, we should note that dry mouth can also result more rapid tooth decay. In addition, the dry mouth can also cause tooth erosion to occur. Tooth erosion happens when the pH in the mouth is too acidic, resulting in damage and weakening of the tooth structure.

Dangers of Dry Mouth – Serious Health Problems

In addition to the dental problems listed above, dry mouth can also be the sign of serious dental health issues. A blockage of the salivary glands may actually be the sign of a tumor or abnormal growth. Sometimes certain cancers and oral health conditions will cause dry mouth to happen frequently.

Addressing the Effects of Dry Mouth

There are many dental restorations that we can use to fix damaged teeth, and soft tissues therapies are also an option for rebuilding the gumline. If a patient loses teeth as a result of any of these dental problems, it’s not uncommon for San Diego dental implants to be used.

Treating the Dry Mouth Itself

As for the problem of dry mouth itself, it’s important that the root cause of the dry mouth is addressed, such as the systemic disease or the oral health condition associated with it. To increase the amount of moisture in the mouth, hydration with water is a must, though there are also artificial saliva options that can be helpful to people as well.

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