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Why Braces for Children is a Great Treatment Option

children-and-teethHaving teeth that are straight and properly aligned is an important step in ensuring dental health for the long run. Many times these issues are easier to correct and address when a patient is young, sometimes even before all of his or her permanent teeth have grown in. When you meet with a skilled San Diego cosmetic dentist, you’ll be able to learn more about all of your child’s options for care.

Right now we’d like to look at the basics of orthodontic care for children so you know what options are out there for your family.

Types of Malocclusion

There are a few different kinds of malocculsion that we can treat and correct. (Malocclusion is a broad term used to refer to various kinds of bad bites.) Some of the most common kinds of malocclusion include:

Underbite – An underbite refers to cases in which the lower dental arch protrudes further than the upper dental arch.
Crossbite – A crossbite refers to cases in which teeth tilt in toward the tongue or out toward the cheek rather than at the opposite tooth on the dental arch.
Overbite – An overbite refers to either a) the upper dental arch protruding too far in front of the lower dental arch or b) the teeth of the upper dental arch overlapping/covering too much of the teeth of the lower dental arch.
If your child should suffer from any of the above, our dentists in La Jolla will be able to determine a proper dental care solution to address these issues.

Why Malocclusion Needs to Be Treated

Poor alignment of the teeth can result in pain of the teeth, problems while chewing, speech impediments, self-consciousness, and tooth grinding. Left untreated, these problems can actually result in TMJ disorders, which causes locking, popping, and clicking of the jaw.

Advantages of Treating Malocclusion in Children

When it comes to treating malocclusion in children, it is easier to address certain issues with the dental arch and the teeth since the child is still growing. Braces are common treatments for the above, as well as other sorts of orthodontic options to help respace and reshape the teeth.

Orthodontics and Adults

Just because you didn’t undergo orthodontic care at an early age doesn’t mean that you cannot have malocclusion addressed later in life. There are plenty of options out there that can address overbites, underbites, crossbites, and other types of malocclusion. The use of Invisalign, for instance, is ideal for older teens and full-grown adults.

Other Options for Dental Care to Keep in Mind

Sometimes minor tooth misalignments can be addressed through non-orthodontic care. Using porcelain veneers will actually achieve some exceptional results in patients, though it tends to be a better treatment for teens and adults rather than young children. We will go over all kinds of options for patients of all ages during your visit.

Learn More About Family Dental Care Treatment

If you would like to learn more about orthodontic treatment and your many other options for advanced dental care treatment, be sure to contact our La Jolla cosmetic dentistry center today. Our entire staff is eager to meet with you and your child in person to determine how best to meet all of your needs.

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