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What Causes Tooth Loss in Adults?

Tooth loss is not uncommon in adult patients and there are many reasons why missing teeth may become more prevalent as individuals grow older. Aside from the natural effects of aging, the following factors may contribute to tooth loss in adults:

  • Poor oral hygiene habits: Inconsistent or inadequate dental hygiene can exacerbate bacteria buildup in the teeth and gums, which can progress to severe periodontal (gum disease). When left untreated, the teeth can shift out of place and even lead to tooth loss.
  • Infections in the mouth: With the accumulation of decay and plaque, your teeth and gums can become vulnerable to infection. While a root canal can help save an infected tooth, sometimes an extraction may be necessary in certain cases if the infection has caused too much loss of tooth structure.
  • An accident, fall, or sudden blow to the face: Trauma to the face can be another potential cause of missing teeth, particularly when patients accidentally trip and/or play contact sports.
  • Smoking and tobacco use: It’s no secret that smoking can deteriorate the teeth and gums. When paired with poor dental hygiene habits, smoking can certainly lead to missing teeth and gaps in your smile.
  • Years of age-related wear: a lot of patients grind their teeth for years and eventually causes teeth to fracture.

Losing a tooth can understandably be alarming, but rest assured that our comprehensive La Jolla practice offers many tooth replacement options to restore a beautiful smile and healthy bite. Dental implants are considered the best restoration for missing teeth, as they are the only replacement option that can regenerate new bone growth. Depending on how many missing teeth you have, implants can also be utilized to anchor a denture during the implant-supported denture or All-on-4® procedures. That said, those who do not have enough bone density for implants can still fill gaps in their smile with a dental bridge, which does not require oral surgery. Our experienced dentists can discuss your concerns and formulate the most optimal treatment plan to address your missing teeth.

Experiencing tooth loss as an adult can be very difficult, but our multispecialty team is committed to finding a gentle, effective solution tailored to your needs. Contact Scripps Dental Care today to book a consultation or to speak with a member of our La Jolla office.

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