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How to Calm Nerves Before Going to the Dentist

Dental appointments are known to cause anxiety for a wide range of patients, so much so that some people prefer to forgo their semi-annual dental visits altogether. This can not only cause patients to inadvertently neglect their dental health, but may exacerbate minor concerns into more serious problems. Fortunately, there are a number of preventive remedies and at-home solutions that may help reduce dental anxiety, including:

  • Listen to music or watch a movie while you’re in the dentist’s chair. At Scripps Center for Dental Care, we offer patients various amenities while undergoing treatment to help them feel more comfortable and relaxed. From an HD television to headphones and blankets, our office is equipped with modern technology to distract patients and make their appointment proceed as seamlessly as possible.
  • Drink calming tea prior to your visit. Herbal, chamomile, and peppermint tea have been known to provide calming effects to those who drink it before their appointment.
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages and sugar before your appointment. Consuming caffeine and sugar before your appointment can increase anxiety and nervous energy, so refraining from these products is the best way to help you relax during treatment.
  • Practice mindfulness and/or meditation. Mindfulness and focusing on your immediate surroundings can allow you to distract yourself from the dental work being done. Deep breathing exercises can also be an effective way to decrease nervousness.

We urge you to communicate your needs to our dental team so we can better understand how to make your visit as pleasant as possible. If you’re still fearful or apprehensive before your visit, our dental team also provides sedation dentistry options to alleviate anxiety prior to procedures like root canal therapy, tooth extractions, and dental implants, among other treatments. Also called “sleep dentistry,” dental sedation can be customized according to your procedure and unique anxiety levels. Our team is DOCS-certified to provide sedation dentistry and utilizes a board-certified dental anesthesiologist in cases where general anesthesia is administered. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our caring team of dentists for more information.

Our dentists understand how debilitating it can be to go to the dentist if you have anxiety or fear surrounding treatment. If you would like to have a more stress-free experience during your appointment, please contact Scripps Center for Dental Care to schedule a consultation at our San Diego-area office.

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