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Mouth Guards for Athletes

mouth guard-modelThere are plenty of ways that a dental health professional can help you maintain overall wellness. Some might be obvious, such as cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry care. Others may be more in line with general and preventative procedures that help solve problems or avoid problems before they happen. You should never take for granted what a dental care expert can do for you when it comes to promoting oral health.

Case in point: dental mouth guards. There are many different ways that these can help you, especially if you play sports and are an active person.

What are dental mouth guards?

Dental mouth guards are mouthpieces that are worn in order to protect the teeth, gums, and tongue from injury. They’re great for guarding against tooth loss and bitten tongues, and for this reason that cannot be taken for granted.

Why should athletes consider mouth guards?

Our dentists believe that preventative care is the best kind of care, and that’s precisely what dental mouth guards provide. Without a mouth guard in place, the chance for tooth damage (e.g., chips, cracks, breaks, etc.), tooth loss, and injury to the tongue and soft tissues is much higher.

Sports Where Mouth Guards are Especially Important

Some full-contact and combat sports where mouth guards are especially helpful include:

Tournament martial arts
Competitive kickboxing
Full contact karate
Mixed martial arts (MMA)
Many athletes who use mouth guards avoid the need for costly restorative dentistry treatment in the process, such as dental crowns and tooth replacement therapies.

The Different Kinds of Mouth Guards

There are different kinds of mouth guards based on their degree of customization. They are as follows:

Stock mouth guards – These kinds of mouth guards can be purchased over the counter at sporting goods stores. They are non-customized, hence “stock.”
Boil and bite mouth guards – These kinds of mouth guards are made of special polymers that respond to heat. The purchaser will carefully warm the mouth guard in hot water and bite into it, creating a semi-customized impression of their teeth.
Fully customized mouth guards – These kinds of mouth guards are fully customized and crafted by dentists based on exact molds of a patient’s mouth.

Is it worth getting a custom mouth guard?

By and large, the answer is yes.

When a person wears a custom mouth guard, it is totally molded to the contours of their teeth and mouth. This ensures total comfort, something that cannot be provided by stock mouth guards or even the semi-customized mouth guards.

This comfort means you can have peace of mind without being bothered by wearing safety equipment. It may not seem like much right now, but during a big game or match, it may mean all the difference.

Learn More About Mouth Guards

If you would like to learn more about dental mouth guards and your many other options available for effective dental care treatment, be sure to contact our La Jolla dental care center today. Our entire team is eager to meet you in person and help you make the best possible decisions regarding overall dental wellness.

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